Affordable Cash Credits, Woman shopping in South Carolina
Affordable Cash Credits, Woman shopping in South Carolina
For loans up to $550 : CALL US AT 803-278-6789 For loans up to $2,500 : CALL US AT 803-278-6789
For loans up to $550    : CALL US AT 803-278-6789For loans up to $2,500 : CALL US AT 803-278-6789

Why choose Affordable Cash Loans or Affordable Credit Loans?

Affordable Cash Loans and Affordable Credit Loans are easy and fast (about 15 minutes). We don't require any credit check. Your application will remain confidential hassle-free with us.


Why would I need a payday loan? With one of our loans, you can do anything your heart desires:

  • Avoid overdraft fees
  • Go on vacation
  • Repair your car
  • Pay medical bills
  • Pay utility bills
  • Buy birthday presents
  • Can't make it to your next payday

Voted by customers the friendliest loan service in the North Augusta area in South Carolina, our goal is to advise and educate you on our lending procedures and help you improve your overall personal financial situation. Our customers are located in Augusta, Martinez and Evans, GA. We also service South Carolina with clients in Spiderweb, Graniteville, Beach Island, Murphy Village, Gloverville, Burnettown and Aiken.

No pre-payment penalties

It’s natural to think that you should do everything in your power to pay off your loans early whenever possible. That’s why with Affordable Cash Loans & Affordable Credit Loans, you can pay them off the next day without penalty.


Hurry, we are currently running specials:

  • No interest on your first Affordable Cash Loan: For new customers only, we offer your first loan up to $550 completely interest free. To learn more, call 803-278-6789.
  • No interest on your first payment for any new Affordable Credit Loan: For new customers only, we will waive the interest on you first payment. To find out more, call 803-278-6789


Call us today to submit your application, or fill out our application form online.

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